Welcome Volunteer Number 50 to RPG Research!

by Hawke Robinson published 2019/01/21 01:41:00 GMT-7, last modified 2019-01-21T01:43:25-07:00
Things are going amazingly well in the volunteer recruiting and staffing department at RPG Research. We have gone from 6 staff members 18 months ago, to reaching volunteer number 50 this weekend!

While RPG Research has been online since 2004, and its founder wrote his first RPG Research 8 page paper in 1983, and worked with many organizations, hundreds of volunteers, and thousands of players over the decades since beginning gaming in the 1970s, until a few years ago it was mostly a one-person operation working in cooperation with others.

In late 2016 John Welker joined as volunteer #2, and later become Vice President of RPG Research.

By the middle of 2017 we added volunteer #6.

At 2018's mid-year summer board meeting our goal was to reach volunteer #30 by the end of the year, and shoot for 50 by summer 2019. Instead, but the end of 2018 we were at #44, and we are still in January 2019 and already at 50! Including half a dozen research team members ranging from bachelors through PhD levels and university professors!

We work with people as young as non-verbal Autism spectrum 2 year old toddlers and their neurotypical peers, to people over 80 years, with a wide range of functioning and neurodiversity.

This includes about 1/3rd in the greater Spokane, Washington area, and the rest around the world in multiple continents: North America, South America, Europe, and even the Middle-east!

Our staff currently ranges in age from 15 to over 50. It includes a wide range of genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, professions, interests, specialties, disabilities, veterans, and variety of population group representations.

Thank you so much you wonderful volunteers who have caught the excitement of the good we are trying to do through research and active programs, studying and using music and role-playing games to improve lives for everyone!

With this momentum, and our new Role-Playing Gamers Social Network (RPGSN) and other infrastructure online, we should easily double, and perhaps double-again, this number very soon!


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