RPG Research Podcast Episode 1

by Hawke Robinson published 2016/12/21 19:20:00 GMT-7, last modified 2021-02-20T10:10:04-07:00
The RPG Research Project's Podcast, Episode 1, with Hawke Robinson and John Welker.

The inaugural episode of The RPG Research Podcast.

Recorded December 4th and 8th, 2016.

Sorry about the audio cutting out, static, left and right, and even cuts out in some place for some unknown reason. Due to such issues betting even worse, part 2 is merged to mono.Do not know why the heck it kept doing that. Hopefully won't be a problem in future podcasts.  So sorry about that. Saved as much as possible. I hope you still find it worth your time with the depth and breadth of content covered. I did the best I could to fix it, but there are obvious cuts, static from boosting the nearly dead sections, etc. All the of the following episodes are much better, this first episode was a technical disaster, but please don't let that dissuade you from the rich content discussion.

The good news is that none of the other episodes (currently 2 through 6) have these audio problems.

After the podcast is recorded, it is almost immediately available in raw form to Patreon supporters of the RPG Research Project AT LEAST one to two weeks before the public (depending on your support level)! 

Here is a list of the topics discussed, with links where relevant. Additional links can be found in the "References" section further down this page.

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  • Introduction: John Welker & Hawke Robinson
  • Hawke & John at WorldCon 73 - http://rpgresearch.com/blog/panel-recordings-from-worldcon-73-sasquan
  • Phyllis Eide, PhD, WSU - http://directory.nursing.wsu.edu/default.aspx?id=116
  • Hawke, John, & Others at 2015 Extra-Life 24 hours RPG session - http://rpgresearch.com/news/24-hour-gaming-event-fund-raiser-for-childrens-miracle-network-extra-life
  • John's Sasquan Gaming (Photos) - http://www.spokanerpg.com/archives/images/worldcon-73
  • John, 21 years in U.S. Army, using role-playing games for squad tactics, including Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and dice for training soldiers, "No plan survive initial contact with the enemy".
  • John, Role-Playing Game Association (RPGA) Judge
  • John, GenCon open gaming tournaments.
  • John, while in Army became a nurse.
  • John, also worked Sacred Heart Hospital, pediatrics, labor & delivery, geriatric, psych units, long term care, home health care, tracheotomy patients.
  • Hawke, with the doctor, delivered more of each of his 3 sons.
  • John, Spokane Wizards of the Coast Delegate, then Spokane Local Area Coordinator for D&D Adventurer's League.
  • John, founder of Spokane Area Gaming Alliance (SAGA) - http://spokanerpg.com/saga
  • John, hosted at Hawke's house, 2015 Extra-life 25 hours RPG live streaming - http://spokanerpg.com/blogs/extra-life-24-hour-gaming-event-november-7-2015
  • John at Uncle's 2016 Extra-life 24 hours RPG Session (John did first 12 hour shift) - https://www.twitch.tv/londonfogg 
  • Hawke started RPG around 1978/79.
  • Hawke, teaching RPGs around 1985 at Realms of Inquiry "A School for Gifted & Talented Children" - 
  • Hawke, created and hosted two RPGA conventions in Salt Lake City, Utah around 1986 & 1987. First one around 12 players, second around 50.
  • Hawke's RPG Collection videos/photos:
  • Hawke's Music, "The Synthetic Zen", Musical Instruments Collection:
  • Hawke's other background information - http://www.hawkenterprising.com
  • The RPG Research Project root began around 1985, formalized in 2004, community website established in 2006.
  • Hawke, Eastern Washington University, Interdisciplinary degree (in progress): Recreation Therapy, Music, Neuroscience, & Research Psychology
  • Hawke, Working toward NCTRC CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist) - http://nctrc.org
  • Hawke, Member of:
  • Hawke's Washington State Registration as a Recreational Therapist in 2014:#RE60526204 - https://fortress.wa.gov/doh/providercredentialsearch/SearchCriteria.aspx
  • Hawke, working with the following populations: ASD/PDD, at-risk youth, brain injury (stroke, TBI, etc.), spinal cord injury, HIV/AIDS, geriatric, drug rehab, DD/DI, social skills development, social & agoraphobia, MD, CP, and more.
  • Trying to get everyone to share their research together, rather than working in silos, taking an opensource approach, at http://rpgresearch.com 
  • Trying to establish professional standards
    • Role-Playing Gaming Handbook of Practice - http://rpgresearch.com/documents/primary/rpg-handbook-of-practice-for-education-therapy/rfc-for-rpg-tr-handbook
    • TR RPG Handbook of Practice Wiki - http://rpgresearch.com/documents/rpg-research-project/archives/rpg-tr-handbook-of-practice/wiki-version
    • RPG Glossary, Bibliography, Wiki - http://rpgresearch.com/documents/wiki
  • Hawke, 4x ASE certified technician, instructor: American Automotive Institute, instructor: Bryman Schools (computer graphics program creator), creator/instructor: The Computer Schools.
  • Hawke, professional photographer: http://www.hawkenterprising.com/archives/images/hawke-studios
  • Hawke, lumberjack, construction, and mining worker, The Lost Packer Mine, Idaho.
  • Hawke, Certified Nurses Aide (CNA) - Doxie Hatch Medical, Murray, Utah
  • Hawke, Habilitation Therapist for Hillcrest Care Center, Sandy, Utah.
  • Hawke, currently providing all services for free.
  • RPG Research Podcast will cover all research related to the effects of all RPG formats: tabletop, live-action, computer-based, and solo adventure books/modules.
  • Pre-recorded shows for now, if Patreon goals reached, will become more frequent, and even live broadcasts.
  • Support on Patreon: http://patreon.com/rpgresearch




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