RPG Research Podcast Episode 5

by Hawke Robinson published 2016/12/21 18:20:00 GMT-8, last modified 2021-02-27T04:54:04-08:00
The RPG Research Project's Podcast, Episode 5, with Hawke Robinson and John Welker.

The fifth episode of The RPG Research Podcast. Recorded 

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  • RPG Professionals & Certification
  • RPGA Rankings for duration and from knowledge tests and adjudication
  • John was "Master" Level RPGA Card
  • Now no ranking system.
  • Now D&D Adventurer's League, and only qualification is willingness
  • Michael "Talien" Tresca, 3 articles on The RPG Professional
  • Gary Gygax and Goal to become paid professional DM
  • Google+ Professional Game Masters Society
  • Herald's Guild Ranking
  • RPG Therapeutics Certification
  • Gender Bias Research in Gaming Community and Industry
  • Legends Through Shadow
  • Attacking the Darkness
  • Kind Support Video from ZOE
  • RPG Creators Relief Fund
  • The RPG Fund
  • RPG Accommodations
  • The X Card
  • Character Sheets for People with Dyslexia



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