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RPG Research has more than 10 positions open for Volunteer Role-playing Game Master I Trainees, Tabletop, Computer-based, and/or LARP.

Application Step 1: Apply via Indeed.com here.

Application Step 2: Continue the application process here.


RPG Research, a 501(c)3 non-profit research and community services organization researching the effects of music and all role-playing game formats (tabletop, live-action, computer-based, and solo adventure books/modules), considerations for accessibility and inclusiveness, and the potential uses of music and role-playing games to help various populations achieve their entertainment, educational, recreational, and therapeutic goals.


RPG Research is accepting application for multiple senior and junior opportunities as tabletop, live-action, and computer-based Role-Playing Game Master I Trainee positions.

A mid-level position. The Volunteer Level 1 Professional Volunteer Game Master (GM) Trainee will learn to run RPG sessions in accordance with RPG Research standards. Sessions are for a broad range of participant populations, at various locations. We do offer training for those wishing to develop the appropriate skills, and willing to regularly attend the free weekly training sessions.

Run tabletop role-playing (TRPG), live-action role-playing (LARP), or computer-based role-playing games (CRPG). Provide training to new players, including understanding the game system rules and gaming etiquette. Help fellow volunteers.

GM Trainees will typically need to train for a minimum of 12 weeks (4-8 hours per week) and pass a background check before being allowed to work with clients.

Due to overwhelming demand from our research and community programs, we have more than 10 positions available for professional-grade volunteer Game Master Trainees.



Reports to senior Game Masters and staff supervisors.


This is a volunteer position.


8+ hours per week: Minimum 4 training hours per week, plus minimum 4 hours program participation per week.


  • Greater Spokane area
  • Greater Eastern Washington
  • Greater Northern Idaho
  • Central Washington
  • Western Montana
  • Western Washington
  • Northern Oregon.

Training takes place in Spokane, WA, program participation may be anywhere in Northwest USA (as per your desired location(s)).


  • Run tabletop, live-action, and/or computer-based RPG sessions at various locations.
  • Typically 1-6 players per session.
  • Prepare adventures in accordance with RPG Research rules and guidelines, including GM Code of Conduct.
  • Complete assessment forms when appropriate.
  • Prepare character sheets for participants to choose from.
  • Run adventures ranging from "one shots" to ongoing mid-length and long-term campaigns.
  • Address any group interpersonal issues, and maintain players compliance with RPG Research Player Code of Conduct.
  • Attend either in-person, or via remote access, at least one free training session / administrative meeting per week (3-4 hours per session)
  • Availability for at least 1 regular group sessions per week (game sessions typically 3-5 hours) (in addition to training sessions).
  • Strongly self-motivated
  • Strong collaborative work ethic
  • Reliable schedule compliance
  • Very kind, friendly, supportive attitude.



  • Minimum 8 hours per week availability (training and programs)
  • Must pass background check before allowed to work with clients (training can begin before passing background check).
  • Comprehensive knowledge of role-playing game system rules for at leastone published game system (willing to train).
  • Assertive (not aggressive) presence with confident but warm, friendly, empathetic, and compassionate communication style.


  • Experienced theatrical acting skills
  • Effective voice acting skills
  • Experienced broadcasting skills
  • Experienced audio/video skills
  • Experience with online broadcasting: Youtube, Twitch, etc.
  • American Sign Language skills (any)
  • Other language skills (any)

* Formats include: tabletop (RPG), live-action (LARP), computer-based (CRPG), and solo adventure books and modules (SABM).


  • RPG & Reports Organizational skills
  • Group dynamics conflict resolution skills
  • Storytelling skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills.
  • Enthusiastic communication style that excites others with your passion about the topics discussed.
  • "Can do" attitude, and an eye for seeing where people need help before they have to ask.
  • Outgoing presence.
  • Well organized approach to preparing for game sessions and tracking participant progress
  • Passionate supportive energy


Game Master will frequently work at RPG Research offices, or other locations including but not limited to:

  • Offices
  • Research facilities
  • Conventions
  • Libraries
  • Community centers
  • Educational institutions
  • Recreation centers
  • Game stores
  • Care facilities
  • Parks
  • Mobile Facilities (RPG Bus, RPG Trailer, etc.)


Volunteer position, no compensation.

Training is without cost.






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