Volunteer Commitment

by Hawke Robinson published 2019/01/16 13:52:40 GMT-8, last modified 2019-01-16T13:52:40-08:00
This section provides a general overview of the typical commitment expected from RPG Research volunteers.

Generally we ask that all volunteers commit to participating in at least one training session per week, and then "giving back" to RPG Research at least twice per month. The training and giving varies depending on the role(s) you select (see the Opportunities page for role options).

A training session is typically 3 hours.

Giving back is typically about 3 hours per session, or about 6-10 hours per month.

On average our volunteers attend training and give back about 10 to 20 hours per month.


Player Archetype Specialist Volunteer

Attend at least one of either Monday or Thursday evening training each week.

Attend at least 2


RPG Advocate Volunteer



RPG Facilitator Volunteer



Game Master Trainee Volunteer



Researcher Volunteer



Editor, writer, social network volunteer



Systems administrator volunteer












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