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Other Minds Magazine is dedicated to scholars, gamers, and fans of J.R.R. Tolkien, Middle-earth, and beyond...

Other Minds Magazine (OM) and the related websites are dedicated to J.R.R. Tolkien and his works. This site and the related magazine have been created by and for Tolkien enthusiasts, scholars, and Tolkien-based role-playing gamers.


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"I would draw some of the great tales in fullness,

and leave many only placed in the scheme, and sketched.

The cycles should be linked to a majestic whole,

and yet leave scope for OTHER MINDS and hands,

wielding paint and music and drama..."

- John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, from a letter written to Milton Waldman, ca. 1951


Based on an idea by Thomas Morwinsky, Other Minds Magazine was originally created in 2007 by Hawke Robinson (President of the Eä Tolkien Society, an official Smial of the U.K. Tolkien Society, and founder of the annual convention Tolkien Moot, also since 2005), as a community-based effort continuing the efforts of Other Hands Magazine (OH) (1992 - 2001) by Professor Chris Seeman. Disclaimers

With technical support and hosting provided by Hawke, Dr. Thomas Morwinsky valiantly continues to manage the ongoing release of OM Issues. 


The purpose of this publication is to provide Tolkien-related content of interest to Tolkien enthusiasts of all kinds and more specifically, information usable by those who love to use role playing games to enjoy the many facets of J.R.R. Tolkien's imaginary universe containing Middle-earth, Numenor, Endor, Arda and all of Eä, using whatever game system they desire.



This is a community created and focused publication. The Tolkien gaming community runs this series,  geared initially for quarterly releases. Eventually we are hoping to have a monthly release cycle.

The zine is revised online, and released as downloads in PDF (or other Formats).  This is  a NON-COMMERCIAL endeavor, provided by many volunteers world-wide with professional, academic and amateur backgrounds.

Absolutely NO fees will be collected, nor paid for content or publication, however full recognition will be given.



The publication receives content submissions from contributors of essays, maps, artwork, music, modules, source materials, email-based list discussions, wiki pages, web-based discussion boards, web pages, and other sources. Then organized into a magazine format suitable for public release. The first issue will have a limited print run available, but the primary format will be released as PDF. This magazine is released on a bi-annual schedule

The following content types are welcomed (and we're open to others if you have suggestions):

  • Essays
  • Maps (original)
  • Artwork (original)
  • Music (original)
  • Adventure "modules"
  • Campaign "modules"
  • Source materials
  • Conversions (between or for Tolkien related game systems)
  • Reviews
  • Letters to the editor
  • Event announcements
  • Product announcements (Tolkien and Tolkien rpging related)
  • Gamers wanted requests (must be Tolkien related)
  • GM's wanted requests (must be Tolkien related)


The hope is to try to fill in the gaps left by the loss of Other Hands, ICE Quarterly (MERPS section), and other paper-based as well as electronic publications that have come and gone over the years, that helped contribute to the role playing gaming community focused on gamers who love to play in Middle-earth and it's environs. Other Minds Magazine additionally fills in the voids that have NOT been filled by either the "Tolkien Purist" zines, the company-biased or game-system-specific zines.

This magazine will be completely system-neutral. That means some content will not have any game system mechanics, while other submissions may support specific, or a multitude of systems. This publication will accept submissions for any system used to game in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth. These systems may include (but by no means be limited to):

  • Cubicle 7: The One Ring, Adventures in Middle-earth (D&D 5e)
  • Decipher: Lord of the Rings Role Playing Game
  • Iron Crown Enterprises: Middle-earth Role Playing Game
  • d20/D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) adaptations to Middle-earth
  • Ambarquenta
  • Hitherlands
  • Columbia Games: Hârnmaster (adapted)
  • Iron Crown Enterprises:  HARP or Rolemaster (Adapted)
  • Runequest (adapted)


Scholarly Non-gaming Works Welcomed

Not all content must be game system oriented, but it should have some relevance and usefulness to players or game masters in understanding Tolkien's world, to better their role playing experience therein. This means the zine will be of value not only to role-playing gamers, but also to Tolkien fans and enthusiasts in general who do not role play, however RPGing in Tolkien's world will continue to be the primary focused goal.



Issues are published each year as they become available

Please email your submissions (and any questions) to othermindsmagazine at gmx dot net

 Proposal submissions can be as simple as an email pitching your idea, how far along you are, and your level of committed timeline. We prefer a more complete draft, but do appreciate a heads up on pieces you may have as works in progress that you are not yet ready to submit.

Initial drafts

Are generally fairly complete drafts, that still need editorial and staff review, and are not yet final drafts.

Format specifications for submissions

Please send your submissions in plain text, Open Office (Writer & Sheet) or Microsoft Office (Word or Excel) formats for text-based submissions (do not send as PDF because we need to be able to reformat the content to fit the magazine layout). For map and art submissions, please only send in standard PNG, GIF JPEG or XCF (GIMP)  format (not TIFF, PSD, PUB, or other formats please). Resolution must be at leas 300 dpi, but no greater than 600 dpi. 



We are eager for your submissions, to be added to the current content we have received, to "fill up the spaces". Whether you want to write something completely new or you have some essay, adventure or whatever else ready (or almost ready) for publication or review: Do not hesitate to send it to us, so that it might be brought to a wider audience. We also greatly crave as much original artwork as possible, so please don't be shy in submitting your proposals.

If you miss a deadline for submission, please still send it as soon as you can, so we can include it in a future issue. However, it is better to get your submissions completed on time, else we can not guarantee when your contribution will be published if there is a themed issue that does not fit your content the following issue. So please be prompt in meeting the deadlines when ever you you can.

The submissions deadlines are as follows:

1. January release schedule:

  • Initial drafts submitted for editorial and staff commentary and feedback submitted no later than 30 November.

 2. July release schedule:

  • Initial drafts submitted for editorial and staff commentary and feedback submitted no later than 30 May.

Thank you very much everyone who has continued support Other Minds Magazine and the supportive community!