Other Minds Magazine Issue 19 Published!

Issue 19 of Other Minds Magazine is now available!

Other Minds, Issue 19 has been published and is ready for download.

You can find it here:  http://www2.omzine.org/downloads/om-english/om-019-other-minds-issue-19/view

And here you can access all the previous Issues of Other Hands and Other Minds Magazines: http://www2.omzine.org/downloads/

In this most recent iteration you can find the following content:

  • Editorial: Some words about the Issue and its content.
  • The Road Goes Ever On: Extensive link section, including the pages of featured artists.
  • Inside Information: Some news (recent and not-so-recent) concerning role-playing games set in Middle-earth.
  • Middle-earth in Miniature IV - The Elves: The fourth iteration of the articles which review the available miniatures of the various creatures and races of Middle-earth (by José Enrique Vacas de la Rosa).
  • Bree - Expanded Campaign Notes: Greatly expanded scope of the adventures and ideas presented in C7's Bree (and partly Ruins of the North) (by Olaf "Falenthal"" Anguera)
  • Review: Erebor: Review of C7's Erebor - The Lonely Mountain TOR module (by Thomas Morwinsky).
  • A King with no Folk: Highly dense adventure set in Rohan and best used in conjunction with C7's TOR supplements Horse-lords of Rohan and Oaths of the Riddermark (by Olaf "Falenthal" Anguera).
  • Divided Arnor: Thoughts about the division of Arnor and subsequent history of its three successor realms; focuses on Cardolan and Rhudaur (by Thomas Morwinsky)
  • The Black Arrow: Highly atmospheric adventure dealing with the fate of Bard's Black Arrow, which integrates smoothly into the story told by Tolkien himself (by David Cole)
  • Bucklebury Tales: Great description of Buckland and adventure seeds for use with TOR. Highly recommended! (by Peter Bergman).

Please swing by and enjoy this most recent Issue. Please also feel free to post any feedback or comments you might have.

The magazine lives by the content provided by the community and its support.

In this context I'd be very happy to welcome any content for Adventures in Middle-earth (AME, AiMe - or D&D in Middle-earth in general) in the future.

Don't hesitate to ask me any questions you might have!

For the OM team,