Mission Statement

by RPG Research Admin published 2018/08/08 18:45:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-10-23T09:36:20-07:00
RPG Research's Mission Statement

1) To clearly establish, through rigorous scientific testing, the effects on participants of: music and all role-playing game (RPG) formats: tabletop (TRPG), live-action (LRPG), electronic (ERPG), and all hybrid variants (HRPG). In addition to determining the potential relevance of correlated factors, wherever possible, significant emphasis is placed on contributing to the body of causal research information.

2) Based on any available established research, from a variety of disciplines, using relevant evidence-based and theory-based approaches, RPG Research will assess, design, develop, implement &  evaluate intervention programs using music and/or various role-playing game formats as intervention modalities for participants to achieve their recreational, educational, professional, and/or therapeutic goals.

3) Based on funding, staffing, and resource availability, RPG Research will provide these services to individuals, population groups, and communities where research indicates they may benefit the most from our programs, and advocate for accessibility and inclusiveness for the widest range of populations possible, including those in under-served and un-served areas.

4) Whenever legally and ethically possible, all such research information will be freely and openly shared with the public to help further advance the global body of knowledge and overall improve the experience of the human condition.

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