Current RPG Research Schedule Highlights for September 2018

by Hawke Robinson published 2018/09/06 15:52:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:45:06-07:00
For those curious about our current schedule, here are some highlights for September 2018.

Here is an overview of some highlights from the RPG Research schedule for September 2018:

  • Thursday (today) 6-9 pm RPG training/evaluation: Star Wars RPG (game
    changes each week), at home broadcast studio, streaming live on Twitch:
  • Saturday 11:00 am to Noon: RPG Talk Show at home studio -
  • Sunday 5:30: pm to 9:30 pm "Heroes of the Mist" AD&D real-play RPG campaign Twitch broadcast (broadcast is 6-9).
  • Monday: RPG Training/evaluation: Star Wars RPG (game changes each week) 6-9 pm.
  • Tuesday: Research Assistant training (Saudi Arabia, Spokane, & East Coast). 9:00 am to Noon.
  • Thursday September 13th: RPG Theory training & administrative staff meeting, 6-9 pm.
  • Friday September 14th - Drop in RPG at Spark Central 4-7 pm.
  • The above schedule basically repeats each week, except Spark which is 2nd & 4th Friday of each month.

Will also be on the road for the Western USA RPG Tour - from
around September 19th/20th/21st to October 8th/13th.

Will be hitting the road for the Western USA Tour with the wheelchair accessible RPG Bus ( ) and wheelchair accessible RPG Trailer ( ) around September 19th or so, and be gone until around October 10th or so, touring 8-13 states to raise awareness about RPGs and accessibility for gamers, and as a fundraiser for the non-profit.

You can request the RPG Tour to visit you by filling out this online form:




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