Removing Star Wars from our Tier 1 Game Offerings

by Hawke Robinson published 2019/01/29 04:02:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-09-28T11:27:26-07:00
Important update to the games we are offering from our level 1 Game Masters. We are removing Star Wars and replacing it with Doctor Who. This is mostly applicable to at-risk populations. For non-at-risk populations Star Wars may still be an option depending on the GM and session circumstances. Read further for more details...

Important announcement regarding our Drop In and RPG offerings and some of our other programs with at-risk populations.

After much discussion and internal debate within myself, at today's meeting we agreed we are for now going to drop Star Wars from Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) from our Tier 1 Game Offerings and remove it from the requirements for GM Level 1 goals and mandatory game systems.

Of course house rules and general play style can address this, and for most populations that is sufficient, but for many of the more serious at-risk populations resistance to non-published rules can be higher, and using in-game law enforcement (stormtroopers/police) for at-risk populations, many of whom may have a very antagonistic relationship with law enforcement in real-life, not to mention any of our programs with incarcerated populations, is contraindicated for the maximal benefit potential we are trying to achieve by using RPGs with these individuals. This doesn't mean we don't ever use these, but for our base training and primary offerings, it makes sense to prioritize in this manner.

We are replacing the the Scifi requirement with the Doctor Who RPG by Cubicle 7.

We will need to evaluate and decide upon which introductory adventure to use that can fit within a one-shot and be acceptable for beginners.

Hopefully GM Karla can provide some guidance there.

We will still list Star Wars in our list of acceptable RPGs for non-at-risk-populations and level 2 GM trainee goals potentially, but we will no longer offer Star Wars to high at-risk populations.

3 significant reasons for making this change

1) Star Wars RPG dice interpretation too complicated for one-shots for beginners especially younger players, Dr who RPG is quickly picked up by new players.

2) Star Wars RPG doesn't provide behavioral modification included IN the core rules to encourage heroic play, Doctor Who RPG has several layers in the core rules to encourage heroic play and violence only as a last option rather than first option.

3) For Star Wars RPG we do not currently have response to request for permission for use in our programs from FFG, we have responses from many other RPG Publishers, including Cubicle 7 explicitly giving us permission use their products in our programs.

Cubicle 7 has given me (and by proxy us) great freedom to use all their products freely in our services. Doctor Who has some decent behavior modification to discourage too much violence as appropriate for our at-risk populations, and the rules and system can be picked up and understood by players very quickly in a single session. Additionally, Doctor Who can be useful in educational settings for history, politics, and other topics that Star Wars could not do quite as directly.



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