Testimonial by Jackson Robinson

by RPG Research Admin published 2018/07/30 00:33:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-10-23T09:36:34-07:00
Testimonial about RPG Research by Jackson Robinson

“This is so cool! I played tabletop RPGs as a teen and young adult and later helped some teens run a D&D game when I was a teen librarian. I now teach special education to and have been wanting to incorporate gaming into my classroom. This year I got the opportunity to participate in a life skills focused RPG based in second life with my high school transitions students and they love it! The students love the extra independence they gain while playing as compared to their relative lack of independence in real life and it really builds their confidence and social skills. Would love the opportunity to play a tabletop RPG with some of my kids and am so excited to hear a program like this exists.” –Jackson Robinson

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