2018 - A week in the life of RPG Research

by Hawke Robinson published 2022/11/12 09:45:17 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:45:18-07:00
Here is an example of the work we did this week, a typically busy week at RPG Research...

This week has been typically busy: For RPG Research:

Show auditions for upcoming Heroes of the Mist TRPG Twitch show,

Posted 10+ position openings posted on https://www.indeedjobs.com/rpg-research/ ,

interviewed several new staff applicants, more scheduled for next week,

Work on blog postings

Work on instruction videos

Work on RPG Education courses

Work on Patreon updates and release phases (releasing the Patreon queued content to lower tiers and the public)

Work on the studio, mics, cams, lighting, background, bookshelves, cleaning/organizing the studio further

Spark Central Drop in & RPG community program this afternoon,

preparation for upcoming weekly RPG Talk show,

prep for SponCon Game Day 10 am to 9 pm tomorrow and loading up Wheelchair accessible RPG Bus and RPG trailer,

TR RPG textbook chapter for Penn State,

update report papers/analysis for WSU IRB'd study on gender bias in gaming community/industry phase 2 updates (spans 2013 to present),

progress on paperwork for research study on using RPGs in university setting to teach East Asian History (EWU IRB application paperwork), writing the associate module set around 1600 Japan.

This Sunday launch the new show.

For RPG Therapeutics, client sessions,

gig platform development,

RPG Parties paperwork,

RPG network platform work,

dealing with godaddy server issues

ZOE platform work, getting the 2 drones and learning how to fly them in prepartion for upcoming videos,

acquired and learning to use the Augmented Reality Jedi Challenge equipment,

acquired (still have to setup) Virtual Reality HTC Vive equipment (Still waiting for the Lenovo Mirage Solo equip),

getting the "Mind Flex" EEG / Neurofeedack game equipment back up and running to train staff and integrate,

getting the OpenEEG equipment set back up for regular use and training staff to use,

preparing for upcoming Tolkien Moot XIV (tons of research to prepare to write the shared convention module about The Entwives (much help thanks to Brian).

Work on the RPG Bus floor, graphics, engine, etc.

Social network postings related to RPgs.

Check latest news about RPGs.

Received bunch of swag from supporting The Gamers: Phantom Menace.

Updated research pages on rpgresearch.com website

Tech consulting work on the side to raise funds to keep supporting the efforts of RPG Researc

There is actually much more, but that sums up some highlights from this week. This is why we need so many other volunteers to help offload what has been in the past riding on just Hawke. Just think what we can accomplish as more people join and are trained!

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