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Service Provision: Community Center Public RPG Introduction

Spark Central Intro to RPG (2017)

Provide community center, Spark Central, with tabletop RPG.

Service Provision: Accessibility Advocacy, Tabletop RPG, Mobile Accessible Facility

SpoCon 2017

Created Accessibility Advocate role for convention. Provided accessible mobile facility for tabletop and computer-based RPG sesssions.

Service Provision: LARP, Drums, Tabletop RPG

Muscular Dystrophy Association (2017)

We developed and provided for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, boffer Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP), Adventure/quest LARP, challenge courses, puzzles, riddles, tabletop role-playing gaming (RPG), drum circles, shield customization, for campers with Muscular Dystrophy, ages 6 to 17. July 18th & 20th,

Service Provision: LARP

Autism Spectrum Toddlers (2014)

Developed and implemented effective pilot of Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP) program using adapted LARP for ASD toddlers, ages 2.5 to 5 years old, and their "neurologically normal" peers, at Eastern Washington University.

Service Provision: TRPG, Online Broadcasts, Fundraising for Charities.

Extra-Life Children's Hospital Fundraiser (2014)

We participated in the Extra-life.org fundraising 24 hours of gaming broadcasting live online so that viewers could donate, and all funds went to the Children's Hospital Network.

Medieval Themed Activities

Northeast Youth Center (2007)

In conjunction with Eastern Washington University, developed day-long program for at-risk and hungry youth, providing food, activities, challenges, and more. Provided various medieval themed challenges, "Extreme Medieval Sports", and with help from Society for Creative Anachronism, suits of armor and other items for the youth to wear.

Service Provision: LARP, Tabletop, Computer-based, RPGs

Tolkien Moot / MerpCon - 2005 - 2017+

Annual gathering of Tolkien enthusiasts... more details coming soon.

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