Deleting RPG Research Private Discord Channels Begins April 15 2019

by Hawke Robinson published 2019/04/15 12:20:02 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:45:33-07:00
As was warned a few weeks ago, due to lack of any security or privacy with Discord's platfor, we are moving all of our private chat to the Role-Playing Gamers Social Network ( The public & patreon-special channels will remain on Discord for now.



We are starting the process of deleting most of our private Discord channels today (as was warned a few weeks ago).

We will keep a few of the public Discord channels, and the special Patreons-only channels, but the rest are moving on to our Role-Playing Gamers Social Network ( Intranet platform, for staff and select partners.

If you are supposed to have an account on and can't login, please email info at and we'll help you resolve any login issues.

The is RPG Research's Intranet and provides internal blogs, forum, timelines, files, chat, etc. Much of this content eventually works its way to our Patreon supporters, and then the general public, whenever appropriate.

We will still keep the public and Patreon-special channels going on Discord of course. (As long as demand remains). :smiley:


As mentioned some weeks ago, due to how insecure Discord is, we are going to start setting up replacement channels in the chat and begin deleting all of the Discord channels except:

  • Public channels
  • Patreon Special Channels

Please, if you haven't started using the, you really will want to.

We are going to be steadily reducing dependency on third party products and increasing use of our own internal network to improve privacy/security.

This also means we will be another step closer to reducing use of the and all other GMail products in the near future as we get alternatives in place.

If you have not logged in with your account in a while, or never, you may have expired your login to setup your new password.

So, please try your account login today, and let us know if you have an trouble logging in.


RPG Research Community Volunteer Staff

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