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This section provides information about RPG Research's social media policy and related topics.

General Disclaimer About Links, References, & Social Media

Please note that links our site, follows on social media, references, listings, content included in the research archives, and other listings and references, do not indicate support, agreement, or endorsement of the linked, followed, or listed individual, organization, or content.

As a research institute it is important that we aggregate without bias allowing researchers to have access to as wide a range of research content relevant to our Mission and Vision.

As an important part of the scientific process and research, we do not black list, ban, block, delete, shadowban, ignore, etc., because of disagreement with statements, false or deceptive information, personal viewpoints, political or other social policy disagreements, unpopular perspectives, etc.

We may "follow" or list references to material we personally or professionally completely disagree with, but are following as part of our research process.

We may have backups of video, text, and other content in our research archives that we completely disagree with personally or professionally, but need to be preserved as part of the important research processes.

Pretending that ridiculous, objectionable, politically unpopular, or otherwise disagreeable perspectives do not exist is not helpful from a research perspective. Instead RPG Research believes it is better to be aware of resources that we should be aware of so that evidence-based, strong, research-supported arguments can be properly prepared.

See our many presentations and other material that includes long lists of "Myths about RPGs and RPGers", with links to the objectionable material for examples of why this is an important and more effective approach then pretending these resources, individuals, & organizations do not exist.

Example: Patricia Pulling & Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons (B.A.D.D.), Pat Robertson & The 700 Club. After decades of research we completely disagree with their claims because the research completely disproves them, but it is important people are well informed about where these claims are came from as they still have significant impact. Both researchers and layperson should have access to the content so that well-reasoned and well-researched scientific statements can be developed to address various claims.

Again, following, mentioning, linking does not in any way indicate endorsement or agreement.

This means we generally do not respond to requests to "unfollow" websites, videos & other media, or social network accounts, because of objectionable material, because it is an important part of the scientific process.

We do block for direct harassment of RPG Research  staff or for other legal or safety reasons.

See the Legal section of our website for more disclaimers and other legal information.

Also see our Contact Us page as needed.


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