Back From ATRA Conference - Catching up

by Hawke Robinson published 2019/09/21 09:59:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:45:19-07:00
We're back from the long RPG Tour and American Therapeutic Recreation Association's national annual conference in Reno, Nevada. We were on the road from September 11th through 20th, and are now catching up. We provided ATRA CEUs accredited workshops on role-playing games.

Thank you for your patience while we were all on the road for the RPG Tour across Washington, Oregon, California, & Nevada, and the ATRA Conference. 

We provided ATRA Continuing Education Units accredited workshops on role-playing games for professionals.

If you missed the workshops, you can get access to the CEU accredited webinars on the ATRA website in a few months. If you are more interested in more comprehensive training and not concerned about the CEUs, RPG Therapeutics LLC will be offering paid workshops quarterly.

We are several weeks behind in following up with the overwhelming number of contact requests. A good problem to have, but we are sorry about the long delay in response.

We have just returned and will be catching up on the many phone calls, emails, soecial media, and other contact requests.

Thank you for your patience.

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