About the RPGSN.net (RPG Research Intranet / Role-Playing Gamers Social Network)

by Hawke Robinson published 2019/02/03 13:58:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:45:34-07:00
We are all about open, peer-shared, peer-learning, collaborative, community engaged sharing of information and experiences, and our primary website is open to all. We have also setup an internal network to solve some internal organizational challenges, called the RPGSN.net, and wanted to let folks know why.

We have always been about "don't split the party". We don't want any separate silos or bubbles, and prefer as open a connection with everyone as possible. Unfortunately platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are not effective collaboration platforms, for many they are uncomfortable, or safe (privacy, data mining, advertising, shame-storming, shadow-banning, trolling & related bad behavior, etc.) environments for many people, and not very useful for collaborative research and program design/implementation. Those public "social networks" have largely become unhealthy environments, and not useful for organized collaborative productivity.

The Role-Playing Gamers Social Network (RPGSN.net) is currently in beta, and only accessible to RPG Research volunteer staff while we work through the layout, design, function, and any bugs with the platform.

After the internal staff-only testing is complete, we will be happily inviting many others to join the free, safe, self-hosted intranet/social-network to help collaborate without the issues that Facebook, Twitter, and others have with privacy, behavior, advertising, data mining, etc. A safe, friendly, supportive, free, communications and sharing platform.

For now it is basically just an internal company intranet helping to solve the challenges of a rapidly growing international volunteer organization . Only about half of our 55+ staff are in the greater Spokane area, the rest are increasingly scattered across several continents (and time zones), including North & South America, Europe, Africa, & Asia. At the current growth rate we may hit volunteer number 100 by summer, and we are having many challenges with communication and work flow, so we're hoping this platform will help address these internal challenges.

But if there is any way to help benefit others, if this platform works out, we will try to find any possible way to make it as open and welcoming to as many others as possible, without jeopardizing the safety of the community.

Once the bugs are worked out, we hope to extend invitations to anyone  interested in discussing their personal and professional experiences with collaborative music and games. We don't have the resources for a full-on public platform, that would eat alive the few resources we have, so it will have to (for the foreseeable future) be invitation only.

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