RPG Research 2019 Year in Review

by Hawke Robinson published 2019/12/30 16:06:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-10-09T12:31:30-07:00
The year in review.


 2 years ago at volunteer #10, now at #106! AT this rate will end up around 1,000 volunteers around the world by 2022.


Debate about RPG Professional Game Master Coaching


January 26th Call of Cthuhlhu 7th edition solo play through https://www.rpgresearch.com/blog/call-of-cthulhu-7th-edition-rpg-starter-set-unboxing-audience-interactive-play-through?fbclid=IwAR3_e_AO1wrH0g65ualBIjbTMRguvziClMPqzec8etLHP0dqVlFooYLNWIc

RPG in classroom article (not us): https://www.wnyc.org/story/dungeons-and-dragons-critical-hit-classroom/?fbclid=IwAR26M7KUIBSP69vRMStPuXxqbzC34U3Kwq3oiBAIM21gx_4y1Bz5ipDue5g

Drop in & RPG sessions at libraries, streets, lots, parks, in addition to Spark Central. various locations.

Volunteer #50 added.

1 year anniversary

RPG Research - De-escalation Techniques, RPG TR Theory Textbook Outline Preview Nov 26 2018

REmove star wars from tier 1 gae offering.

Other Minds Magazine Issue #20

Worked on The Fantasy Network version 2.0

ASL Groups wife and Sarah


Removed Star Wars from Tier 1.

Evaluating Super hero RPGs.

Experimented with RPGSN. Need different intergrated platform.

d20 in Saudi Arabia

Helping Dots RPG to sruggle with getting 501(c)3

Many blog postings from our researchers.

Someone else: Teaching with D&D: https://teachingwithdnd.com/?fbclid=IwAR1NA0agrwV0gGoZIeNioBBSyijTAxJEA3MdcxIB8LdCm6tE3LtyLNPwlBw


"The people who play those games kill people" Deer Park Library. 3 our of 4 parents.

Mostly left Twitch


Nominated as "Difference Maker".

Intro to Stranger THings STarter Set.


May volunteers shoot at Sky Prarie Park.

Formal Activitiy Analyis overhauling begins

Neuroscience of learning and RPGs in universities.


BECMI testing as intro game.

DDots RPG finally gets 501(c)3


Hawke & Katy Marry.

Kickstarter for RPGs in Prison Documntary movie


Hawke & John at GenCon

in ZOE Booth

On GenCont TV in Indianapolis. THen again later that month in GenCon TV's Seattle Studio for TableTakes

Dragon's Haven never delivered on our support of their KS. When complained they sent digital, but still no hard copies.


ATRA in Reno

Heroes of the Mist Season 2.


Cthulhu Halloween special

Hawke participants in first Dots RPG Board meeting.

Fates Revolt training

Tolkien Moot XV


Extra Life Fundraiser


BFRPG Accessible character sheet

Planning Entanglement of Cthulhu

Accessibility Article: https://w3.rpgresearch.com/blog/breaking-down-the-rpg-barriers-to-entry-with-bfrpg

January 2020


New Drop ins in Seattle area.

Tacoma ZOE studio

Entanglement of Cthulhu


Transcripts & CC's

Japanese, Arabic, and other translations.

Launching The Fantasy Network Version 3.0 Feb 1st

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