RPG Therapeutics LLC

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RPG Professionals, providing world class exceptional services for more than 30 years, involved with role-playing games for more than 40 years. Paid professional game masters. We're hiring, $20-65+/hr.

Website: http://www.rpgtherapeutics.com

Location: Spokane, WA, worldwide servics.

Services Summary List:

  • Professional recreational services
  • Professional entertainment services
  • Professional services in educational settings
  • Professional therapeutic services
  • Training, education, & certification for professionals
  • Professional consulting for individuals, groups, organizations, and facilities
  • Music & Recreation Therapy groups
  • Therapeutic Recreation client services
  • Mobile wheelchair accessible facilities
  • International remote services via secured HIPAA compliant technologies.
  • Professional role-playing game (RPG) services
  • Publishing services
  • Online learning
  • Accessibility & adaptive services

Provider Type: Professional


RPG Therapeutics LLC’s founder, Hawke Robinson, has been called

“… the grandfather of therapeutic gaming. He has been tracking and involved in the therapeutic and educational application of role-playing games longer than anyone else.” (Adam Johns, Game to Grow, Executive Director, Lead Facilitator).

Hawke and his staff have been providing professional services for more than 30 years.

RPG Therapeutics offers a wide range of professional services.





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