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Meet the volunteers that, combined with donations, make RPG Research's programs possible.

Our hard working volunteer team members come from diverse backgrounds.

RPG Research is run by a dedicated team of staff members, most of whom are volunteers. All we do is thanks to our donors and these incredible staff members helping improve the human experience!

Hawke Robinson

Founder & President

Recreational Therapist

John Welker

Vice President

Role-playing Gaming since the 1970s.

Previous LPN, US Army Medic.

Registered Recreational Therapist.

Danielle Whitworth


Professional RPG Advocate in Training

Currently at student at Eastern Washington University,

working toward her B.A. in Therapeutic Recreation,

and the NCTRC Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist certification.

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Jacob Jones

Volunteer & Game Master

Drake Robinson

Volunteer & Writer

Charles Loyd

Volunteer RPG Advocate & Game Master

Brad Kane


Volunteer Game Master

Daniele Ivey

Volunteer Game Master

Ryan Allison

Previous Volunteer

Heather Allison

Previous Volunteer

Karla McCallum

Previous volunteer RPG Facilitator & Game Master

Brooke Lively
Lillian Ragudo Pyro Adam Kantz
Allan Bill Forman Jen
Omar Jennifer Professor Emily Messina, Ph.D., CTRS
Katy Koenen Brian Huseland Joe Koenen
Valerie Krepel Michael "Sammi" Shoemaker Tavish
Barrett Vandiver

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